my favourite music

heyy guys!

i thought of adding a music section to my site to give you guys my personal favourites…

i wont overwhelm you with 300 songs all at once…so lets take it nice and slow!

This one is- Imagine by Pentatonix-, hope you like it! Its one of my favourites

(wow factor every single sound you hear in the song , has originated from a human mouth…no auto tune, no special effects….just pure talent!


This one is -the night we met by Lord Huron and im pretty sure you’ve heard this song atleast once, due to its use in the ever so popular 13 reasons why…

it’s actually a pretty old song, but the way Hannah,and clay dance to it, really ups the impact…cant wait for season 2 😀



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We sang the same version of imagine in our competition ! We won😄😄