Yours Truly

By now I’ve seen so many perspectives on mental health and suicide, that I just felt the need to come up with my own to declutter my own conscience.

I’ll try not to repeat points that have been previously covered on instagram stories , but bear with me if that happens.

Let’s start with loving yourself, because it’s something that everyone recommends but is also something that’s very difficult to achieve. In fact I myself have been trying to love myself since the past 5/7 years but i can’t say that I’ve suceeded

So why try straight away , to achieve something that might take you a lifetime to achieve ?

The truth is love is a strong word, and it’s not necessary to have to love yourself to be at peace with yourself. Rather simple acceptance can illuminate the path quite well and can act as a baby step on the road to self love.

Acceptance of the fact that you are NOT perfect, and that it’s alright. Acceptance of the fact that you have a long way to go and the path ahead is full of hurdles. This is the only way to truly battle your inner demons

But acceptance on its own won’t suffice.

I am not here to give you hope of a better future. I find hope to be a highly overrated and disappointing element in our lives.

Rather let me give you something stronger .


Courage to battle your demons and the negativity around you. Courage to  fight your own battles and emerge victorious.

Now time for some truth

Things never become alright. Throughout your life there are going to be times when you are tested beyond your limits. When you’d feel like it’d be so much easier to just end your life and be done with it all.

At times like this just remember this. Millions of people kill themselves every day. 1 more in this list of tragedies dosent make a difference to the world. You’ll only be hurting the ones closest to you, and the rest of the world still won’t give a shit about you.

On the contrary, only a handful of people fight against all odds and live to tell the tale. It’s the struggles of these people that inspire the world and motivates us to continue doing what we do

I have no interest or intention of commenting on the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. It is very sad, but irreversible.

I’d much rather spend my time talking to all you lovely people who are carrying on with your lives one day at a time, one step at a time

So please, do reach out. And I shall try my best to listen and help you out to the best of my capacity.

And it doesn’t have to be limited to mental health. If Ure lonely and simply need a friend, I’m here for that too

Finally I’d say that your life is indeed yours to do whatever you want with it , but I really hope that all of you find more value in living than simply being done with it all.

Love you guys ❣️


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