Came in like a breath of fresh air on a long tiring road

Font capital stated- temporary

Ive soon got to go

So I obliged

But myself

And let it take control

And that breath of fresh air swallowed me whole


We’ll start with caricature – it showed me the mirror

Magnify the blotches – unravel the layers

and we’ll add some contrast cause no one likes balance

you’ll be one to look at ( you’ll absolutely regret it ….)

Just….ignore the last line will you?


And now that you’re the specimen of my dreams

Ill regurgitate your essence and let you be

you’re questions- blasphemous

Your identity- a crisis

Dont get too attached….it was all just temporary


I have become your oxygen

have become your addiction

but now its time for a lil bit of friction

So good bye my friend , please get on track

Good bye my friend

am never coming back


A traveler astray on paths unknown

A seeker left with just words to hone

And at the end of it all, my lady in blue

Was just what she said- a temporary hue


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aartee roy
aartee roy

Loved this one Tanishq!!! Keep up the writing. Look forward to more.

Chandni Asnani

Woahhh! The ending stanza really struck me hard. Great work, Tanishq. How’ve you been?


Love this. You can probably work up a tune for this. Seems like it could be a rock/country fusion!

Impermanence is just as beautiful as as something that lasts long 😍

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Awesome post! Keep up the great work! 🙂