Finding Neverland

A city of monotony and rule followers

And people stuck to the nitty gritty

Time itself was bound until

You came and set the clock free

And by and by the smoke lessened

100 deaths became 99

The blind became accustomed to colour

Gargled tones began to rhyme

And a worker in the cotton factory

Stopped to see the skies cry

Lo and behold ….rejoice and galore

Finder found

Seeker seeked

Christmas gowns

Hope was bleak

But now it feels

Like the mellow skies

were always streaks of Claire

But, now it feels

Like Neverland

Was always just right here


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Wow. I loooove this. Btw have you seen the movie ‘Finding Neverland’? Check it out. I’ve a feeling you’d like it.

And also I watched October on your recommendation and fell in love with it.