Eternal Blues

Systematic infedelities

Paranormal anomalies


Strange occurrences

On clean paved paths


Interesting to hear about

To live through them a rare account


Whether it be the Mariner’s tale

Or a story of frogs and nightingales


morals and lessons to always be learnt

Didn’t touch the fire, wasn’t burnt


So I guess at the end of kingdom come

It’s up to you to burn or freeze


Adapt to Oblivion

Or fight the storm


Play it safe

Or loose it all


Whatever your path

For you to choose


Just take a call

And make your move


For even if you fail and loose

On they go, those eternal blues


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Ushnish the Crown (Pantho)

Very nice…


My favorite line:
“Strange occurrences
On clean paved paths”
That’s modern life in a nutshell, isn’t it?