I can’t say those things to you

The words you so desire

My lips fail me, and my voice be not melodious


The fluttering of my heart

I cannot show you today

Cause my heart don’t work at whims


The happiness it brings me

When your lips stretch into a smile

You’ll never know


But here, today, now, in this moment

as you read these words and imagine my face

I can’t help but wonder


If a moments peace I’ll find

When you recreate me in your image


The way you think I am

The way you want me to be


and maybe then

Even if for a moment in your head

I’ll be free from me


I suppose I’d like that…


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Aartee Roy


Chandni Asnani

Woahhh! So deep, so lovely. โ™ฅ Andddd, what’s going on, Tanishq? Heart fluttering and all? I guess you should let her know. ๐Ÿ˜น

Soumya Somani
Soumya Somani

Lovely!! Thatโ€™s quite deep!

Radhika Mishra
Radhika Mishra

Woah! Woah! Woah! Tanishq! Woah! Wait, I’ve lost all words! This is so me sometimes.. wait its me always! Perfectly expressed!!!!!