It whispered to me on starry nights

That replication is impossible

A deed done is a deed done

and exists not a deed to do

To undo a deed done

and a deed done twice

Is the stuff of legends

Not suited to gentle folk

The flow, oh the flow!

What if the words don’t flow that well?

What if someone gets offended?

What if I don’t sound articulate?

etcetera etcetera… Hakuna matata

Cause success is the endgame

and speed breakers are frowned upon

Every word, a peice of art

Or it shall be forgotten!

Tread carefully o wanderer, traveler, seeker sane

Cause you are constantly being watched

In this world, where judgement doesn’t cost a penny

Hobbies are to be separated from work

And work ought to be perfect!

No room for mediocrity!

No room for dreams

Burn those rascals, feed them to the dogs!

Focus, focus, focus….

Replicate your best work

The one that people talk about

The only one that matters

Cause in this world filled with self doubt and inferiority complexes

The reader is your god

And replication, your prayer


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Neha Kulkarni

Nice post…!

Chandni Asnani

Oh, this one is really interesting. ☺ Your work is done that people will remember. Mine is the one that will be fed to dogs. 😂 Also, I like where you say judgement doesn’t cost a penny. One hundred percent true!

How are you? How’re exams going? Why are you here? 😒

Chandni Asnani

*your work is the one 😔 typos huh

Sankat Mochan
Sankat Mochan

Loved it!


Someones being too deep ! Damn! look at those lines… woah! Ab too boards bhi khatam! Sahi hai… jeeyo apni zindagi!!😂😂
Btw… amazing poem ! seriously!