A question raised

What would you like to do?

Took me back to ancient times

When right and wrong were simply defined

When boundaries were drawn

Only on paper

And people died only in cartoons

When debates were on fairies

And questions ended with oh really?

When I looked in awe at winged creatures

and anger was linked to superpowers

And when I thought about it

Nothing much had truly changed

Boundaries were still drawn

Only now between countries

People still died

But just permanently

Debates still happened

But now, on poverty, suicide, and terrorism

Questions still ended

Only with raised voices and outrage

Birds still flew

Only now they were remote-controlled

And people still got angry

Only now they didn’t transform.

As killing was a more permanent solution

With this, the question was repeated

What would you like to do?

And I thought for a bit, cause there was so much to be done

Money didn’t grow on trees

And respect was an expensive commodity

But when they looked at me like that

Like they knew what I would say

I realized that it was futile

Cause they would never understand

And I would never change

So all I said was – ” wonder”

And left them in the shadows

of their own self doubt.


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Nice one 👍


Great lines! Thank you for sharing!


Beautifully written


That’s beautiful! As always

Chandni Asnani

Woahhh! This is so deeep. Sometimes, I feel like those days were gold. We didn’t have the grow up and face the reality. Everything was so perfect back in those days. 😐 Now, it’s just violence and chaos everywhere. You’ve portrayed the feeling very beautifully. 🌼
How’ve you been, Tanishq? Exams kaise ja rahe?