Eyes fixated on the unseen
Heart explores the world
The soul thinks of magic
The body , so transient

Somewhere along the way
A question that is inevitable
Who am I?
I don’t know is not an option

The voices of sanity
Command away
At a stubborn, and rebellious heart
Do not waver

But the heart does not comply
What is left to achieve
When the only truth is realized
That I is meaningless

What does one do
When the heart does not desire greatness
But something far more difficult to obtain
In this fast paced, ever evolving world



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Chandni Asnani

OMG! This poem of yours totally spoke to my soul. I might keep asking for stupid things, but deep down, what I really crave for is only calm and peace, that’s it. This is so soothing huh. You answered the big question. 😼 Applause for that.