To new beginnings…..

It’s  4th January today, so it doesn’t make much sense for me to wish you guys a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year…but I really want to, so I’ll do it anyways!

Wish you guys a merryyy Christmas and a very happy new year!!!!

I’m sorry this post took this long…I mean I was gonna post on Christmas, but then I fell sick and couldn’t complete the post.

As you all know, I hate completing things, so I just deleted that post, and after that, I didn’t really feel like writing XD

I feel kinda guilty for not wishing you guys however…so please forgive me 🙂

I had my farewell and continuation party last week, and I realized that I’m not really ready to say goodbye…

I mean 8 years in a place, and suddenly you’re asked to leave…

Anyways, on the night before my farewell, I suddenly decided that I really wanted to give a speech. Now, this isn’t a decision I would usually take , cause I suffer from stage fright, and plus I’m not really used to addressing a large audience…..

but there’s nothing usual about saying farewell, and I just knew that I had to do it, for my own sake

so on the day of the farewell, I wrote a three page speech ( tried my best to make it tolerable) , and practiced it a few times to make sure that I didn’t faint on stage…

after just 10 minutes into the program, the 11th graders began calling out the names of the kids who had volunteered to give a speech….and I could feel my heart racing

they started with the science section….which meant that my turn was gonna come ahead of schedule……

there were around 5 kids who were supposed to give speeches before me….

3 of them backed out at the last second…..

the 2 kids before me were quite popular and well known ( unlike myself) ….Cause  the only thing I was known for was being short

also the girl, before me gave such a beautiful speech that I felt like there was no need to say anymore…..

so at the last moment, when my name was called, I went on stage not to give a speech, but to just say……thank you

I thanked all the kids present ( known and unknown) for being a part of my journey, and wished them luck for their future endeavours…..

to be honest my speech kinda sucked 😂

but I guess it’s okay, cause I’m not afraid anymore….

I always wanted to take part in school plays, and perform in front of other people….

it was my dream you could say – to be noticed

but never once, in all these years did I have the courage to try….

and that’s something I can never change…. cause time gone is time gone.

the future however is an ocean of opportunities, and believe me , the next time when someone asks me to go on stage …..I’ll say yes without a second thought 🙂

Time for a poem-

as I stand between a beginning and an end

i can’t help but wonder

whether to feel sorry 

or to dance with happiness 

whether to live with regrets 

or to live with hope

and then it becomes as clear as a ray of light

words unsaid make beautiful dreams

unsaid words make beautiful chances

and I’d rather take a chance

than live my life 

not knowing the difference 



I’m leaving you  guys with a question –  what does 2019 mean to you?

do let me know in the comments section below.


See you soon! ( with a better post hopefully 😝)


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Aww this post was great! Well done for having the courage to speak on stage. 😍 I’m happy you didn’t back out. That is awesome. Happy New Year!!! ✨💛 Wishing you a wonderful 2019.

Abhishek pathania

This post made me smile bro. I can relate as something similar happened to me when I was in 12th Standard. The poem you wrote in the end is so gorgeous. Loved it.
Wishing a Happy new year to you and your dear ones.
2019 is gonna be fun! 🌸


Wishing you a very Happppiiiiieeeeeee New Year! 2k19 😇😇😇😇
And 2k19 to me means a rollar coaster!!😂😂😂😅😅😅


That poem! Will you make me cry now😅?


Are u on snap or stuff?