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The want, to be heard, is an innate desire,present in each and every one of us.

Our sorrows are lessened by the kind words of other people

Our accomplishments are validated by sharing them on social media

Cause If no one ever hear’s us…how do we know we’re alive?

People today, talk about a lot of stuff with friends, games,food, politics etc etc…

But how often do we talk about depression?

How often is it, that a friend tells you that he or she is depressed, and just wants to talk?

If you like someone, and want that person to reciprocate that feeling, you always want to maintain a certain image of yourself in front of them…

With friends, you need to be cool, and fun to hang out with.

With teachers, you need to act focused,and committed

With parents, you need to sound sane, cause you’re afraid of them worrying too much.

If you’re in a relationship, you’re often worried about your partner leaving you, if you reveal yourself…

It takes a while, in life, before you find a person to whom you can talk about anything and everything…

So what do you do till then?

That’s why, 7 cups of tea…

I found this website by accident one day, when I desperately wanted to talk to someone.

I hadn’t had a conversation with anyone my age, for a long, long time, and I felt to say the least, lonely…

So, I began to search on google…

– need to talk to someone…

It was then, that I came across this website, with a seemingly strange name called 7 cups of tea….(they really need to change the name ๐Ÿ˜…)

It showed me a list of people from different age groups,called listeners, who I could talk too. their profile descriptions were given, so naturally ,I found one to my taste, and clicked on it, but he wasn’t available..

I was almost about to give up and go, when I saw this on the bottom of the website-

become a listener today!

It intrigued me, so I checked it out, and I realised that anyone above 16 could volunteer as a listener , and the only thing required to do so, was to pass an online test.

I completed the half an hour test, in 10 minutes cause I skipped through the support material..didn’t really need it.

I got 23/26, and in 10 minutes, a 17 year old boy who was just feeling lonely, was being sought out by people throughout the world, who, like me, just needed to talk….

It was overwhelming!

I suddenly felt like I mattered, like I wasn’t alone anymore, and that I could actually help people like me, by listening to them and supporting them through their hard times..

I’ve talked, to lots of people of different age groups, and i realised something…

it is mostly teenagers who are depressed.

The adults were often just lonely, but the teenagers were seriously depressed….

They didn’t know how to communicate, and simply refused to talk.

Some of them didn’t have anyone in their lives who they could talk to.

Others had selective mutism, and just couldn’t talk

Some had been abused as children

While others had embraced death as the only truth….


I mean at my age…no, sometimes even younger, kids were feeling like it’s the end for them, like there’s no hope for them…it was eye opening…

We see in the news, that teenage suicide is at it’s peak..

and now I know why…

We’re confused.

That’s the only problem, with kids my age…most of us are confused in life, just can’t figure things out….

and once this feeling of confusion grows into depression, we feel like it’s the end for us…

Often what such kids require, is just a show of emotion…

They want you to tell them, that you’ll be really sad if they died, and that you are their ….friend.

Friend, such a simple word, but the power it holds, can make a difference between life and death, for someone.

I’ve made many such friends on the website, and I sincerely hope that I’ve helped some if not all of them..

I always wanted to help people, it was my dream…to be valued as a friend.

but I wasn’t very expressive or talkative so no one really depended me.

Today, I’ve made this dream a reality, and to be honest, it does feel good!๐Ÿ˜€

This might not be your dream, but if you ever have time to spare, please consider volunteering, cause we’re currently overloaded with requests, and people often shy away, if it takes too much time for us to reply to them…

and if you ever feel alone, and simply need to talk, you’ll always be welcome on this website and app.

It’s a place free of judgement and social responsibilities, where you can even choose to remain anonymous if you wanna.

I’ll be there along with loads of people who care for you, so reach out anytime!๐Ÿ˜ƒ

(ps- my profile is roy2bhonest)

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Very nice post!! Its supportive !!๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š


You told me about this. We need to talk more about this with our friends, family, colleagues and basically anyone who we are physically close to. Because only that’s when people are going to realise that this is for real. You should be proud of yourself for actually doing something about he issue and genuinely helping others. Yes, we all feel the need to be somebody and I get what you feel,really. So let me tell you this. You are one amazing person who’s also so considerate of other’s well being. It’s okay to get confused and doubt ourselves. I… Read more »


A good deal of concern shared for those of us who feel the need to be heard to…which is very much essential part of being social being…good work๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป


Nice of dealing with depression.


Wow .. amazing work. They say half the battle is one is you just allow people to speak ………. listening without prejudices is the key …. great going