Writer’s block

Writers block

words and words and words again

followed by backspace and endless pain

the frustration of feelings unexpressed

no judge , no jury ,only you to attest


topics come and go in a haste

not one too good, they’re not my taste

days to weeks, and weeks to months

a sigh on one, on one a grunt


inspiration is cross

befriend it soon

open closed doors

let emotions swoon


then I guess, I’ll finally be free

wont write for no one, will write for me

who cares what people think or see

it’s my salvation, it’s up to me


Words, words and words again

but this time I’m calm, there is no pain

no frustration of feelings unexpressed

happy by self, happy no less


I wrote this after seeing 12 incomplete drafts of posts that i had either rejected or never completed due to lack of confidence in them.

I don’t want to do that anymore, and hope to finish every post from now on, cause I think every thought, has the potential to be great… you just need to try…

so wish me luck!



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Happened to me too! 🙄😶


I love the way you made this end on a positive note. That it is more important to be okay with being blocked some times, than to keep on fighting it and in the process lose your peace of mind.

Calm mind is the most important thing of all.

I totally get the feel of leaving things incomplete. . But then I feel there’s a kind of beauty in that too?

I hope you complete all your drafts and get loads of inspiration to write many new ones. 🙂


I am so glad you are back! Keep sharing because what you think are blocks for you are actually inspirations for others 🙂


A lovely post…a writer’s tale 😊😊
Keep writing…keep sharing


very well written. Please keep posting.


We all go through this….don’t worry. You’ll soon get over it. 👍

luisa zambrotta

Lovely post

… and good luck!