Cafe Wanderlust

cafe wanderlust

It stood there, in a middle position

between, what was and what ought to be

A cafe of sorts, a city of dreams

Stated- souls shall come, souls shall leave


The menu- highly controversial

Offered everything from misery to laughter,

The deepest fears, overcome

Many battles that no one won


Amidst the aroma of life and death,

A table I found reserved for me

It had my name and destiny on it

But the paths to take were many


So who shall light the path, yonder

I wondered to myself ..

The Traveller from South Kansas

Or will I sit beneath shelves?


The waiter screamed CHOOSE !

He ain’t got all day

So I held him by his collar and whispered in his ears

“This is my choice, please do prepare”


What I asked, he did not have

Yet , what I seeked was his hearts solace

So he left to forge in eternal fires, the machinery of my fate.

And In all these years, I never again saw, that jolly infamous gate

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Long time no see, huh?


Exceptional writing…

Russal Arya

Good one!




Wow! That was such a philosophical piece… I mean I love reading such posts and commendable be the fact that it is penned down in the form of a poem and hitting the perfect word chord that grasps the reader! Write more…😄 AMAZING!