Country before life?

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I’ve learnt a lot from movies. I’d even say, that movies to an extent define me. Every frame, every picture in a movie culminated into my being…exaggeration?

Maybe not..

Today I saw a movie, that enforced in me a feeling that I always had.

War is useless

The movie is Raazi and is directed my Meghna Gulzar.

If you’ve not seen the movie, spoilers ahead .

The movie is based on the Indo- Pakistani war of 1971,and how a girl named Sehmat, sacrifices her love,emotions and morals to help India win.

There is a scene in the movie where the Indian intelligence team kills a woman taken into custody by the Pakistani army, as they mistake her to be Sehmat.

Sehmat is deeply disturbed by this, and realises that despite all she has done for her country, her own country would kill her without a thought, if she was in the slightest danger of being caught.

What follows is a heartbreaking conversation between Sehmat, and the leader of the intelligence team in which he tells her, that for the sake of the country he would kill anyone, and that everyone is just a pawn for the sake of the endgame.

This is what really struck a chord in me.

In the century we live in, it’s not about good vs evil, like the old times.

Today when wars take place between 2 countries, neither side is good or evil but the death count is still in millions.

The Pakistani people in the movie were shown to be kind and caring, and not once did I being an Indian, feel that they should be killed just because of their country.

Yet they were killed , because they were on the verge of exposing Sehmat.

I feel, that the age-old idea of – country before life – needs to change.

After all, it is all of us who make up a country in the first place!

It is we, who live in the country, sustain the country and dream for the country, so when did the country develop a life of its own?

If you say, that 1 life is insignificant for the betterment of a million lives, I’ll simply say this –

Don’t mess with things ,you don’t understand.

You or me ,don’t create lives in laboratories , so we definitely don’t have the power to decide when someone should live or die.

Make plans for economic prosperity, strive to uplift your country’s standard of living, but don’t make it your life’s mission to kill more people for the sake of the country..please.

It’s not about – killing people is bad or killing people results in hell

Killing your own kind, for no other reason, but the salvation of millions of your own kind is just wrong.

If some other country has attacked your own country, then of course kill and be killed, but don’t pursue war as a means to establish superiority or to satisfy your internal ego.

I’d like to end by saying, that I greatly respect all the people who are willing to lay down their lives for the sake of the country. Soldier’s and special forces will always be remembered in the hearts of all those who knew them,personally as well as through their deeds. A country simply cannot function without such people.

Wars do happen, and lives are lost, but it is necessary that each person who is asked to give their lives for the sake of the country, also be given a purpose which is more important than just scoring a victory to establish superiority.

There was an age-old saying

That the country is your god

So a thousand others I killed

Before, all that was left was my own

Dead bodies littered the floor

The same eyes ,ears and nose

Humans killed, for human lore

And in that moment I knew

The eyes that stared at me in fear

Those eyes were my own..

– tanishq

Not many people read this blog, and barely any of my fellow bloggers are in a position of power in the government, but for anyone who understands my message, and is in sync with what I have to say, please share this post 😃

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Well said Tanishq! Your poem summarises the sad and the gory picture that a war posts.