Physics and seagulls

Wuddup people?😃

This post ain’t gonna be about the usual this and that- no poetry, no knowledge, just me telling you about stuff that’s happening in my life..😀

So my physics exam is tommorow..

Am I scared ?


It’s not like I haven’t studied, but physics tends to prove you wrong.. just saying 😅

So I’ve been studying physics for the past week, ignoring the other subjects which is ,well…not good.

The good thing was, that due to a weather forecast , my maths exam got postponed to next week, so I had more time to study… You guessed it, physics!

Another thing that’s been on my mind is – seagulls..

Ever since my aunt told me about this book called – Jonathan Livingston seagull

Yeah that’s the name of the book 😂

So I read the summary of the book on Google, and …this book is gonna be amazing!!

Gonna be ,because my aunt has ordered it for me, so it has yet to reach..

And amazing because, well lemme explain-

This book is about a seagull living an ordinary life,with his fellow seagulls. He has everything a seagull could hope for,but he’s not satisfied, and wonders about the purpose of his life,and if there’s something beyond this plane of existence!!!

This seagull is my new best friend 😂

She ( my aunt) says, that the ideas that the author of the book Richard Bach, had used in the book are very similar to the things I talk about in some of my posts..

Richard Bach copied my ideas? 😐

( I came about 20 years later,but screw that! )

I mean, if I happened to be a seagull and I’m assuming here,that I am allowed to keep my human brain, then I would totally revolutionize the seagull life!

I’d tell them, that they have so much going on in their lives,and that they should blog about it!

Imagine a seagull’s blog saying-

today I flew over the bay area, and the view was wonderful. I got Jonathan,and Samara with me, and we found delicious fish in the ocean. Jonathan choked over a human sock, that he had mistaken to be a tuna. Samara layed her first egg today, and it was very round and white…whatever 😂

Anyways, can you guys imagine life as a seagull ?

If yes, please leave a comment saying what you would do if you just happened to be a seagull for a lifetime..😶

Try thinking about this, it should be…

Interesting 😀

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For all official records I am not the aunt in question here.


i would also like to read the book.


Physics is damn hard man!!


There’s a wonderful passage in the book The Once and Future King, in which Merlyn turns Wart (the future King Arthur) into a goose. That’s the first image that came to my mind.

luisa zambrotta

The book called (Jonathan Livingston seagull) is beautiful