Beyond time..

beyond time

The clock struck 2 and reality exploded into infinite possibilities.

I was there and I was not there. Where was I ? I did not know anymore..

I lost my identity in that moment, my religion was sacrificed to god, my gender was absorbed by Shiva, my soul was scattered throughout the cosmos…

My very essence spread out through infinity and beyond.

Do I exist, is the question I asked myself, before even the ability to think was taken away from me, and all I knew was nothing.

I was now light, my mere essence had been reduced to energy, and I was moving. I was moving really fast.

Soon time became evident, and I could see the universe as what it could be without the selfish dimension. This meant I could now see time as a dimension. The fact would have given me immense satisfaction, had I  been able to think

I began to change. This change was instantaneous now that I was beyond time itself. I began to fluctuate between being and not being at all.

Sometimes for a second, I was human ..or was it a lifetime? I can’t say without time.

At other times I was water, sometimes steam. Sometimes I was a dog, and at other times dog food…

I was also an electron and the world appeared quite large, and the next instant I was a being of infinite dimensions.

I was infinity and zero all at once..

Now I was the singularity, the father of the universe, and the universe bowed down to me

I could not see I think. I simply knew..

It was too much to contain. For a person who had been nothing but alive, all his life, it was intimidating, and so I spit out my essence, back into the void and filled it with everything that I had inside of me.

The dimensions untangled themselves, Time regained it’s status, and I was taken back to the source of my long journey.

I began to hear,and see and feel, but as soon as I regained these senses, I lost my knowledge. Destiny called to me with stretched arms, and I accepted her gentle offer. Maybe I longed to be me again, or maybe someone else did.

I cannot be sure.

I began to fall. I was back in the stratosphere of the blue planet, and gravity was king. I fell, to its feet and hurtled back to the source of my imagination.

I reached outside by bedroom window, and saw my form fast asleep.

What is real, I asked myself. Am I real?

I am a figment of the boy’s imagination, yet I can easily be the last thing he ever sees. If he can see me in his world of possibilities, am I real?

I was within myself, seeing my life through the eyes of another possible me.

How could I be sure anymore?

Maybe the question was never of being sure. Maybe it was about believing

So I believed.

I believed, that I could lead a normal and grounded life with my family and friends,while my mind travelled the ends of the universe, seeking what everyone eventually seeks.

And once I believed, all the possibilities, all the ways my life could head became one and I was free.

Free from the deceiver called choice.

Free from anticipation

Free from sorrow

Real is what I believe in. Real is my body that travels the earth. Real is my soul that has been gifted to me by the Lord. Real is my mind that knows no bounds.

and real are my dreams, no matter how absurd they may seem, because I have seen them.

So to all of you I say this –

dream without rules.

dream beyond time…


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Read the new blog. Rightly mentioned. If I put it in my words I will say we are no one but meniscus creatures in the universe. We are not god but part of it we have to remove our ego to reach closer to the LORD.


Is this a real dream?



luisa zambrotta

Really nice!