The final word – sonnet

the final word

i’d one day like to write something

that shall change the face of Earth

they say that words have power

that power,I’d see it birth


i wish,that I’d find you

by my side on that day

when, my final blue,

i shall spill on hay


we’d sit on stairs

and see them go

the end of years

before I end this show


and My final word I’d so carefully do

that it’ll save the world and destroy it too..



I was tagged by my blogger friend – Zankhana to write a sonnet , so here it was!

Now i don’t know much about how to write a sonnet, so forgive me if iv’e made any mistakes 🙂


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Lemme Say,
It was an expressive and Good Try!!!!! I’m glad you Performed!!!! My tag was all Worth it!!!
Thank you so much!
It was Good! Very Good! ❤💝🎀


well done!