Interstellar dream

Interstellar dreams


I used to wish, the sky so blue would send for me one day

I used to wonder and choose the words, which, to its heralds,I’d say

I’d express my disbelief…. Oh my God, don’t believe this…and they’d convince me I was special

I’d go with them to faraway places, helping them fight their battles


It was my interstellar dream, that every child dreams of

It helped me get through the tender years, the stuff that dreams are made of

A world so magical, a world so whimsical,in which I was the hero

A world so faraway in truth..that only my thoughts could reach it


And as the ship of time sailed by, I learned of science, I learned of why

and my dream began to wear a veil, for fear of being laughed at

and I realised soon, what was real ,was not often magical

A world of promises broken many , a world that sings of metal

A world that you and I ,we live in, the one that stole our dreams


Sitting by my bed at night, I still wait in silence

A thousand stars, a thousand breaths, a thousand moments passing

But none so strong, as that feeling of hope

That it brings, my interstellar dream…

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Abhishek pathania

I loved reading this!


Now I know all about your interstellar dream, and I must say – it’s magical. ✨


& spacious 🙂