The black bird

black bird

The black bird came to me at dawn

As I was sitting in the forestry

He looked at me, with weary eyes

Seemingly seeing what I wouldn’t show


I told him to go away

A night at brink, a day to begin

Lots of work to be done and undone

I wanted peace, not his song


He payed no heed, continued his song

And even though I wouldn’t show

I needed him, not as my friend

But as a keeper to my secrets many


The wrongs I’d done, the person I’d become..

I think he knew as wanderers know

A place unknown, yet familiar

He knew me, from my childhood days

When I’d talk to him, and feed him worms


Yet even he had changed, grown old

No longer cute, no longer tireless

His voice no longer soothing

He had lost his innocence in this harsh world, where innocence was preyed upon


He was my reflection..

A reflection of all I aspired and all I consisted off.

The part of me wanting to fly in the open sky, without the burdens of fate and destiny pulling me down

But I think, he had forgotten this…

As I had forgotten..


We looked at each other

Trying to understand, where it all went wrong

Lost in translation.. As ours souls connected

And I realised, our lives had always been linked as my cooler became his home and his voice my alarm


He asked me to sing with him

So we sang his favourite song , the one he once sung for his missus

And as the first rays of light illuminated the sky, we both knew it was time to go

There were hatchlings to feed, and infants to dress


We gazed at each other a final time

and with silent promises in our eyes

We bid each other adieu

He straightened himself, and flew away in search of worms for the little ones

And I stood, wondering if I’d see him again, the black bird…


this post is inspired by a poem that my friend Radhika has written. She writes amazingly please do go checkout her post!

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Radhika Mishra

OOH!! Wow… thats just Amazing!
What a sequel it is… a story so deep and intense!
I have fallen in love with this version of the poem!


Nice piece of introspection.


very sweet