We were asked to speak for 30 seconds, on what this 5 lettered word – roots-meant to us.

It’s such a overused phrase right?

Be humble, and recall your roots..

Your roots are what define you..

No one ever takes the time to explain the meaning of words such as this, as you’re supposed to learn while conversing.

It’s the same with words such as sorry, thank you, wonderful.. etc

You just slowly get the hang of these words, and begin to use them in your daily life..

Very often , your understanding of these words is accurate and requires no further explanation.

I ask you a question then..

Is it wrong to say

My roots are happy


I’m rooted from happiness


I’m pretty sure, most of you have some problem with these sentences, and some of you may even say, that they just sound wrong…

That’s not the case though.

There is nothing wrong with the sentences, but there might just be something wrong in our understanding of the word roots.

Your Roots consist of, the place, state of being, time period that you’ve come from, but they are not limited to only this.

Your roots also imbibe, the emotions, experiences and conversations you’ve felt and had throughout the years.

You could also say, that your roots are the sum total of how and why you are who you are today.. Amazing right? 😃

For all those people, that feel that emotions like happiness, sadness, jealously, anger are as the hindu’s say –

Moh Maya

Sorry, not true. Your emotions and experiences play a very important part in your making, and should not be scoffed at, or seen as something that’s not suited to gentle folk.

If you didn’t know this already.. no one likes classy people.

We often pretend to admire, calm and composed people, who shrug of their emotions as if they don’t matter, but in reality, we prefer people who are less monochromatic, and express themselves.

So how can one stay true to his/her roots?

I think it’s a step by step process..

1. Acknowledgement – acknowledge the fact, that your roots are beautiful, even if they were hard, and poverty-stricken.. or perhaps embarrassing. After all they have given rise to such a beautiful person – you.. 😃

2. No fear – Everyone of us has been brought up in a different manner, and have different lifestyles comprising of things like the way we dress, the way we eat, how we converse, and sometimes just to fit in, we tend to lose ourselves.

Things like fashion or health culture shouldn’t be allowed to rule our lives and even though awareness is necessary, in practice it should be up to you, how you want to live your life

3. enjoy the best of both worlds- staying true to your roots does not mean, that you needn’t learn from the past

In the past, women were considered inferior to men, rulers were dictators, sati pratha was prevalent. A more recent example would be women were not given a share in family assets.

Even though roots are important, it is important to learn from past mistakes, and to not follow, the teachings of your religion or society blindly without asking why.. More importantly when your soul tells you this is wrong.

Putting it simply-

Don’t be the wind that belongs to no one.

Don’t be the land that is fixed, in its character.

Be the kite, anchored firmly to the ground, so that once your flight is done, you can then choose – whether to pull yourself down, or to cut the string entirely

– Tanishq

So have a happy and rooted year you guys!

(this sounds a bit like what our principal, Miss Rupa Chakraborty would say…. Oh well 😌)

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Wonderful Tanishq,many times I am surprised to read your blogs,your thoughts are great ,so young and thoughtful,I am impressed


I agree with you. His understanding is beyond imgination.


Roots can also tie you down. Imagine if you didn’t have any roots, you could just fly/ float. Difference being on how much energy you had within ur self to propel you.

Well written as always!!


Interesting… yes, we should never forget our roots. Nice write!


I really like what you said about emotions. Yes, the world is weird in the way it judges the way people with their emotions.
Physically strong: if he/she can do more physical work.
Emotionally strong: if he/she doesn’t cry often. (Or doesn’t show much of emotion). 😑