Things we tell our little siblings

things we tell our siblings

I got home covered in mulberry dust and pieces of tree bark, looking like a demogorgon.

I was barely inside, when my little bother Yog came running towards me with a vial of warhead’s sour drops. For those of you who don’t know what this sorcery is, it’s basically a vial of sour drops that you can drop on your tongue to experience a tingling sensation that’s sure to make you squint. I wasnt allowed to buy such stuff, and had bought it in a rather secretive fashion,with a leftover note of hundred,and had hidden it in my drawer,so as to save it from the inquisitive eyes of Yog, but of course he found it.

the thing about Yog is,that he loves to get his hands on anything they can accommodate. this is a trademark characteristic of all 5 to 6 year olds, I think..and yog being the perfect specimen of such kids was sure to follow! so he runs up to me ,and holding the vial in his hand asks ” what is this? ”

now many people would give the logical answer to such a simple question, and tell the boy that it was a medicine, or that it was forbidden to the likes of him, but that sort of thing never works,and believe me ive read every single story on little children, including the classic diary of a wimpy kid- and ive come to realise that ,if you tell the child,that something is forbidden,he will make it his life’s purpose to acquire the thing and… play ..with it.

I wasnt in the mood of giving a detailed explanation either, so i just said-

“it’s a rat potion”

naturally,his next question was -“whats a rat potion?”

now, the vial consisted of 2 sections -red and green namely- to show the 2 flavours green apple and strawberry,and i decided to use this to my advantage.
I told yog,that if he were to drink from the green side of the vial,he would turn into a rat, and drinking from the red side would turn him back into a human. 😎

he comprehended this information for a bit and then looked at me with that naughty smile of his to say ” you drink”

I had anticipated this situation so I told him that I would, and took a drop from the green side of the vial, and immediately pretended to choke. then to show him,that this was serious, i ran to the bathroom as he looked at me in amazement. i started making weird sounds in the bathroom so as to let him know that i was indeed transforming into a rat,all while he was knocking on the door asking me ” what happened ?” i had already kept my clothes and towel in the bathroom so as to take a shower in the midst of my grand plan and hence came back outside after half an hour.

as I came back outside i saw,that yog was still in the same position as before, and on seeing me ,he rushed towards me asking once more ” what happened?”
I told him,that i had become a rat in the bathroom, and that all the dust on me fell off during the transformation. i could see from his eyes that he was starting to believe me. he then asked me-“how was it ?” to which i told him,that it was a scary and terrible experience, and to make my pointed i added the following details

couldn’t see
something grabbed my tail
saw a huge cockroach

all this was enough to convince him,that I had indeed transformed into a rat by drinking the magic potion, and i played my trump card by saying

wanna try it? 😈

at this,he immediately took several steps backwards,while saying no!no!no!, vigorously shaking his head to enforce his point. he then went to each and every person in the house,trying to convince them about the vial’s magical properties, but no one would listen to him…poor chap

this isn’t the first time I have tried something like this…

once I told him, that the automated pool cleaner was actually an undercover mermaid, and that the occasional bubbles were caused by her breathing…scince he had never actually gone into the pool, he readily believed me, and started spending a lot of time,besides the pool in hopes of seeing the creature!

on another occasion, I told him that i was the hulk,and that if he did not stop irritating me, i would turn all green and muscular and tear him apart. The poor boy was frightened by this for quite some time..

I think that’s the purpose of small kids. they make the lives of busy teens and adults, more fun by allowing us to make a joke of their innocence. you can fool them, prank them, even shout at them,and they still love you unconditionally…

even though they are sometimes irritating,and on other times pure evil, the number of times they make you laugh is too great to put into words, so appreciate that! 😀

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Heather Tasker

So funny!

When I was 21, I dyed my hair pink and my nephew (who was 3 or 4 at the time) asked what happened.

He spent YEARS afraid of eating too much watermelon!