Bye Bye DragonBall Super 😭

I am the hope of the universe. I am the answer to all living things that cry out for peace. I am protector of the innocent. I am the light in the darkness. I am truth. Ally to good! Nightmare to you!

Son Goku to Frieza

I don’t remember much about my early days. There are bits and pieces of distant memories, but none as strong as the day I was introduced to DragonBall Z.

I was in Hyderabad, sitting on the couch with my sister Toyna, and was randomly flipping through the channels in search of something to satisfy my childish fantasies. Maybe it was destiny, that caused a temporary delay between channels, and left me stuck on toonami for a second longer.

I don’t know if you guys remember the moment, when young Gohan refuses to escape, the about to be blown up planet namek and comes back to help his father Goku. He is greeted by frieza, one of the most bad-ass villains I’ve ever seen. frieza’s just about to destroy the young saiyan, when suddenly out of no where, this fighter, with golden hair and intense angry eyes appears…

Oh my God! This scene…

See, compared to the sheer number of wow moments in the DragonBall franchise, you probably don’t think much of this particular moment. For me however, this was my introduction to the DragonBall universe, and boy was I hooked!

Frieza’s constantly undermining Gohan, who is helpless against the terror of the universe. It looks like all hope is lost for him, when his father Goku appears to protect his son and continue his legendary fight with the evil tyrant.

To ruin the experience, let me tell you something… the episode was dubbed in Hindi… Yeah tell me about it!

At that moment I didn’t care, and watched the entire episode, without blinking once. Sadly I didn’t find the show again, until I was introduced to YouTube 2 years later

When I restarted my DragonBall journey at the age of 8, I did it properly and watched the entire DragonBall which was mostly character building, and then moved on to z which had the serious fight scenes.

I quickly consumed even the likes of gt, and watched all the movies, some even twice. As if this wasn’t enough, I read up on every single character in the franchise and was an active part of the fan page, where we used to do the what ifs…

DragonBall gt was 20 years old, and no one ever thought, that another DragonBall series will ever see the light of day again… But then after 20 years in 2016, a miracle happened and DragonBall super appeared!

I was one of the most excited people in the world after hearing this news and why not! My favourite anime series was returning with a brand new story 20 years later!!

DragonBall super was a Roller coaster ride that defined my Sundays. I used to wait patiently for 7 days, to watch the episode in Japanese, and even the wait was an experience in itself.

Now after completing almost 3 years of its run, DragonBall super is ending, and I feel like I’m loosing one of my greatest friends. I don’t know when the next DragonBall series will come, but whenever it comes I’ll be waiting to watch it, even if it is after 30 years.

Goku was there for me, when I was an antisocial kid with no friends. He taught me the power of never giving up, and taught me, that your desire to keep your loved ones safe can grant you power beyond any obstacle, be it the emperor of the universe Frieza or the God of destruction Beerus…

So guys, enjoy the last 2 episodes of DragonBall super, and let’s all hope that its not the end, and only a new beginning for the legend called DragonBall!

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