The world between the stars (chapter 1)

Chapter 1- the end of reality

This is the first chapter of a story I have been writing. If you’ve not read the intro, that comes before it, here’s a link- check it out

It was a pretty normal day… Atleast until 11o5 which is the point where… Well we’ll get to it.

First let me introduce myself.

I’m Alan Turner. A 15 year old genius prodigy, a state level football player, a 3 times state topper in science… are the things I’m not excluding my name and age.

I’m that one person in the class who you don’t notice, until the teacher cracks a joke about how dumb I am. And where I’m from, teachers are capable of much worse. My hobbies are- stargazing, lazing around, and basically anything non productive.

I live in north Colombia with my parents who work as journalists for a company called spacecraft.

We’re pretty well off in terms of money, hell I have the entire bungalow to myself, since they’re hardly home.

Even though we’re rich, I don’t own all the high end gaming consoles and other cool tech that’s attributed to rich people.

All the money that I save is spent on stargazing. I have 2 high end telescopes ,the Celestron Nextar 8 and the Meade LX200 , about 20 different types of clip on lenses, and uncountable maps, that are some of the most accurate in the world.

Stargazing is much more than a hobby for me. People ask me if I want to be an astronaut,and are supprised when I reply, that I don’t. The thing with me is, I fear that world as much I love it. I love it because I feel a strange connection to it. I fear it because I don’t want to know what that connection is…Its confusing.

Amidst this confusion, seeing the stars was easy. I knew I was never going there, and I was pretty sure they would never Come to me…

That’s where I was wrong.

It was a normal day, and those are the worst types of days. You can’t complain about them cause they aren’t bad enough, and you can’t feel happy, cause they aren’t good enough. All you can do is sit tight, and hope you live them through.

My day started at 7 am, with my sister pouring a glass of ice cold water on my face. That’s really a shame as I was busy being a super cool attractive genius in my dream space, and she ruined the experience by making me pee my pants in front of the class (in the dream of course)

After waking me up she said- you drool in your sleep. That’s so yuck!

I explained to her, that if she didn’t leave the room In a second, I would throw her down the stairs, and break all her teeth.

She’s so obedient, that she kicked me in my stomach, took my school notebook and ran off with it. I just love her so much.

Her name is Artemis, and you better believe she’s proud of it!

My parents named her- christine, but the moment she got old enough, she decided that Christine is a common name, and she wanted to be called Artemis, just like the Greek goddess of hunting . She refused to eat, didn’t go to school, and kept crying all day, so finally my parents decided to give in and behold! Christine becomes Artemis! You know what she said my name should be? Uranus, the Greek God of the sky, but of course she gives a gap between ur, and.. I’m pretty sure you get the picture.

I reached school by 7:05, just in time to not be noticed by our class teacher Mr Bark. If there’s one person, I wish I could kill with my bare hands, it’s the bark. That’s what we call him, and it’s a most fitting name, for that’s all he does all day.

School went on till 3 pm. Any longer and I would have dozed off on the last bench. The bell rang, and I ran out of school, with my bag in 1 hand and my school assignment in the other. I ran all the way home, threw my bag and assignment on the dining table, pulled out my sky maps, popped a can of coke, and started to read. The house was empty as always, with my parents at work, and Artemis gone for a sleepover . It was a perfect opportunity for uninterrupted  me time, and that’s exactly what i used it for.

I set up both my telescopes outside in the balcony , and waited for the first signs of darkness. Night came early, caressing its dark dress with sublime beauty. An asteroid named Carlos27, was supposed to show up on the radar at 12. It supposedly appeared only 1 in 20 years, so no way I could miss it. I set an alarm for 10 pm, just in case it showed up early ,and dozed off.

I woke up by 10 and made myself a dinner of instant noodles and coffee, so that I don’t go back to sleep and I waited.

around 11:05, I went inside the house to get myself a blanket. When I returned outside, a strange twinkle caught my eye. It was much brighter than the others, comparable in brightness to the north star. I observed it keenly, and noticed that it was getting brighter, at a small but noticeable pace. A minute later it outshone every other celestial object in the sky.

It was at this time, that I realised this was no asteroid, it wasn’t even a celestial body… It just couldn’t be. It was too fast. I ran to my telescopes, and observed the ball of light from both, to get different angles of this rare phenomenon.

At a certain point, I was sure it couldn’t get any bigger and it did not disappoint. It stopped as suddenly as it had started, and the light faded into the surroundings. I turned to pick up my phone and read up on this incredible phenomenon, but when I turned back, I almost fell back in terror. What was now before me, left me gaping and shivering like a little baby.

A huge, unfathomable disk of metal, the size of a football field had suddenly appeared in the sky, about a hundred feet above me . The light that I had seen earlier was caused by one of its reflectors. At the moment, there was bright, blinding light shooting out from it in all directions. It was shaped like the symbol omega (curved w), and was made out of a metal that was both lustrous and rugged, giving the object a very powerful look. I did not see any propellers, or any of the traditional sights seen in flying vehicles.

Then again, this thing above me did not look like it was from our world…. There were words engraved on it,but they were not of any language that I was familiar with.

For a minute we both looked at each other, transfixed and unable to move. Then just as suddenly as it had appeared, the object disappeared and a moment later, it appeared 3 feet in front of me. The force of its arrival blew me way quite literally, and the only reason why I didn’t fall of the building, was because I banged into the wall and fell face first on my balcony floor.

I cursed and checked my face for any unfortunate disfigurement, but their was none. There was a long awkward moment, during which I struggled to maintain my balance and somehow get up but I finally managed.

That’s when I realized, that both my telescopes had been broken, along with half of my house’s balcony and most of the roof. The parking lot was completely demolished, and so was my dad’s favorite car.

You can do anything to me, you could burn down by house, you could break all my bones, but one thing you never do is break my telescopes… and that’s exactly what the stupid peice of junk did. At this point, I didn’t care if the thing in front of me was a million times bigger than I was. I just knew one thing….

I was going to destroy it!

I took a few steps backward, gathered momentum, and threw myself onto the thing, kicking and smashing, and shouting like a maniac, but as you probably guessed, it bore no fruit. I wasn’t ready to give up however, and would have continued on, if the peice of junk had not suddenly decided to speak.

There was a strong vibration throughout its cold metal body, as it uttered out some gibberish. It was a scary experience, and I was starting to think that I had sealed my fate by attacking the monster, when I heard her voice for the first time.

Clarise, please let me handle this.

Please forgive us for any inconvenience we caused you. By the way , you are Aron right? Aron Turner?

All I could say was- eh?

I asked, if you were Aron Turner. Please tell me you are…. It would be a shame for us to come all the way here to this godforsaken planet for nothing….

I was stunned. Did the girl just say – this planet ? That’s when the fog of unreality truly trapped me in its claws and left me begging for mercy.

If these people were truly from another planet… The thought itself was enough to make me go bonkers.

Amidst all this, I somehow found the courage to say – yeah, that’s me.

The sound of escaping air reached my ears, and I saw that the peice of junk had developed an opening.

The opening was 8 feet tall, more than enough for a human to come through, but humans were the last things I expected to come through it.

These people were from a different planet all together, so it was only natural that I expected them to not be humans. The thought of me being killed my monstrous aliens in an empty house was quite unsettling. i said to myself – They’ll never even  know what happened to me…  

I was so busy imagining how horrid the creatures to come out would be, that I was much more surprised when the one to come out was a human.

She was a girl, of about my age wearing tattered jeans, and a black shirt . She had a fair complexion , with a small slender nose and a half teasing smirk, that I immediately fell in love with. It was her eyes however, that caught my undivided attention for the entire time it took her to reach me. They were a light golden colour, almost like amber, and I could do nothing but stare into them, hoping that time would stand still and let me live the rest of my life staring into her eyes. Despite being insanely beautiful ,something told she was not to be messed with…maybe it was the fact that she sported 2 taser guns ,that looked like they meant business

Even so ,she was the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, and my attention was so transfixed on her, that I didn’t notice when she was only a feet away, and was asking me where my attention was..

I don’t know, what happened next but I know that I fainted on the spot and said something so stupid, that I wish I could erase the memory from my mind. I said-

Hey pretty girl… Please don’t eat me.

From that moment, my life turned full circle, and unknown to me, the fog of unreality was only going to get denser.

A lot denser….

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