I’m back!

Probably 1 reason that I’m here today, is that I feel really hapzy and no it’s not a typo, it’s a new word I coined for when you’re essentially happy at base level, but also overwhelmed by this feeling of in the moment nirvana 😇

I think you feel this way, when on a particular day, a lot of things happen to your liking, and it’s a nice day in the whole!

It’s not that common atleast for me, as I’m always expecting things to go wrong after they go well for a while (I know you can relate 😃)

it’s sort of like when you’re expecting a single scoop of ice cream, but the vendor adds an extra scoop cause he’s nice! 🍦

if you want to know what happened:

I woke up late at about 8, went for a movie with my friends russal, armaan and Divyanshu around 1, and returned at 6. That many hours with friends is just awesome!! Then in the evening my mom got me a plate of chaat papdi (yumm! ), and I had a dinner of chaat papdi and naturals ice cream which was already stored in the fridge. 😉

Then I switched on the TV and watched this movie called secret superstar, which was pretty amazing!

And if you’re wondering, I did study but let’s be honest, that sort of stuff doesn’t provide happiness so I won’t mention it!

I kinda needed a day like this to make me write again, because seriously, once you get out of flow, it takes a while to recollect yourself.

Also, it’s not that I didn’t write at all. I actually wrote about 2 posts, but never got down to finishing them cause I was so stressed out. Going into 12th does that to you 😅

This custom domain business didn’t help, as it takes a lot of effort to migrate your entire site. Then again, I think it turned out pretty OK right?

Sorry if you were expecting some cool topic, as this post was pretty much about me and I’m not that cool to be honest😀 but now that I’ve done this, I think I’m pretty much set to continue my blogging journey!

Good night guyys! See yah tomorrow!

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Going in class 12 😂 So relatable!!
And actually you were lucky to have had a day so lucky for you!! I have been waiting for it past 16 years!😅