The defining force behind all of creation, the unquestionable,the immortal,the omnipotent and the omnipresent, that is who we humans call God.

Whenever someone has tried to question the existence of the Almighty, the wrath of God has struck him.

Erase all these thoughts for a moment, cause I’m gonna give you my view on god,and whether he truly exists…

Growing up, you all must have heard the phrase- the sky is the limit ,or – God is inside everyone. Everyone has heard these lines on multiple occasions, and we have come to accept these as a part of a motivational speech, even using them in our own conversations

Another idea ,that I have been introduced to being a Hindu is that the earth is the mritulok- or the cursed world of the mortals, where the devas- immortal beings are sent to pay for their sins. Our religion also states that you can be released from this cycle of life and death,once you do certain good deeds and attain moksha.

The third idea that has deeply left a mark on me is Dragonball z, in which one of the characters named cell has a special ability that is, his cells have self awareness and store his entire body’s learnings and experiences in themselves.

These 3 ideas resulted in me,coming up with my own theory on who or what God is and I think it’s quite plausible..

I think God is you…

I think ,he is the all knowing , ever present part of your conscience, that is hidden so deep inside you ,that you can only connect with it during deep introspection or when you pray.

I think ,when you pray ,you let that all knowing , infinite being, reach you a little so that you can imbibe a part it into this 3 dimensional plane of existence, and use it to interact with other beings of your dimension.

Hence I believe,that we humans each have within us a better version of ourselves, whose character and qualities are imbibed within us slowly, as we go forward in this cycle of life, and this process of becoming one with your true self varies depending on your life experiences and your power to simply let go of all that you think you know…

I would like to end by saying, that don’t ever feel afraid to question. Your mind is your own and you are free to use it however you see fit. All those random thoughts that come into your mind can be the start to something great, the only thing required, is keeping the doors of thought open……

PS -is there a process to create your own religion? Let me know in the comments section. It’s all rather interesting..

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Very interesting thought Tanishq, it is indeed people like us who started the religions as we know them today….so anything can be expected. WhatsApp and Facebook are almost becoming the new religions


Wow Tanishq,great thought..well written!


Shiv Yog claims that the biggest cause of all misery is the existence of ‘l’. I am powerful, Iam rich, Iam a girl, Iam a good person and so on… We can only free ourselves from the misery if we can free ourselves from I. You got it correct there. We can only understand the infinite once we let go of the finite definitions that we have created around us. As for creating another religion, why would you even want that? Aren’t there enough already? If there was a question to be asked is how can we erase all the… Read more »


This is so deep! To actually sit back and take a second to ponder upon such a topic- hats off!
btw- Are you a student?

Jerry Peri
Jerry Peri

Nicely written, deep thoughts! I feel the same way you do and have written several posts on same topic on my blog!