My purpose (public demand)

So one of the ideas that I got for today’s public demand special was- my purpose on this earth.

This question can go quite deep,and I’ll try to answer it to the best of my capacity.

My purpose or more broadly ,our purpose on this earth is a matter of speculation. Some say that we exist because God wanted it this way. Others say that’s it all a part of some greater purpose and some others say that it’s all a big conspiracy.

For me, to even start thinking about the answer,I first need to first disconnect myself from this current phase of existence and look at the universe as an organism.

An organism has different components,organs ,enzymes inside it , all of which are important and essential for its survival. It is defined by its components, they are what insure its survival. One of the primary functions of these enzymes and organs is to break down larger food molecules into smaller ones so that the body can use them as energy.

In the case of the universe , this process might happen in steps…

Simpler Life forms would utilize the energy of stars like the sun,and complex life forms like humans would feed on them. On the death of these complex life forms, this energy would be transferred to the surroundings, the air,the water and the soil.

This energy would accumulate inside the planet,until such a time comes,when the planet itself is on the verge of death. This energy would then be released into space.

The earth, the galaxies,the solar system are all a part of the universe. So at the end of it, the life forms basically help the universe break down the energy of the stars into simpler forms.

The basis for all of this is the fact that energy can neither be created nor destroyed and can only be converted from one form to another. Even if all of this speculation without scientific basis is true…it still doesn’t explain why we humans exist. The universe could make do with the single celled and multi celled organisms, so why create complex beings like us ?

Have you ever seen a tiger,or a giraffe growing plants? No right..and I suppose that’s why. We humans are the only species to grow and cultivate plants,which are the primary source of energy conversion on earth. we were the only ones to have created our own energy conversions ,like hydro electricity, solar power, geo thermal energy. I guess the universe needed a species that would aid it in this process of converting energy into simpler forms.

You could also ask me,why an omnipotent and omnipresent organism like the universe would need energy.

It’s because it’s expanding.

The universe has been expanding long before even the first signs of life appeared,and will continue to do so for many years to come. All that expansion requires a lot of energy…I guess.

If you ask me why the universe is continuously expanding ,i would say- because of positive entropy change. Entropy is the measure of randomness of particles in a system. When something expands ,the entropy change is positive as the particles are free to move about their positions and are not held closely together , thus the reaction is spontaneous…which means that the reaction will continue without any external support until the reactants finish….which will take a looong time in the case of the universe.


At the end it all boils down to randomness ..

Btw these are just my personal thoughts, without any firm scientific pls correct me if I made a mistake,in the comments section. Science students will definitely have a lot to say….

I hope I could provide a satisfactory answer to your question…tell me if you understood it. (cause I didn’t)

Bye for now…see you guys tomorrow

ps –  after writing this post,i found a great sure to check it out,as it explains this topic in a really nice way and tells you the scientific concepts behind my intuition, which was partially correct.

check it out

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Good Analysis scientifically! But it still doesn’t answer the question? Is your purpose to convert one form of energy to another?


! Now thats so professional😅 Leaving the answer open for the reader to assess!