7th grade

I can’t tell you how long I’ve waited to write about this!

So, Where to start…. Hmm, ok I joined suncity school in 2010, and the first 3 years passed by, quite normally so I won’t mention them.

I had been a looser and loner (tell me in the comments section if there’s a word for this) for 10 whole years, and I incorrectly assumed that nothing was about to change. On first my day in 7th grade, I discovered these 2 creatures who were also loosers and loners like me. They were-

Armaan Asri and Russal Arya

(don’t kill me)

When you’re a looser and loner, life is pretty dull, but when you’re a group of loosers and loners…. It’s still pretty dull and boring, may be to a lesser extent now.

Anyway so I met these people and I instantly knew that we were gonna get along. I should probably describe them.

Russal – a fat foodie who would sometimes act weird (all the time)

Armaan- a wannabe cassanova without the good looks required for the job.

Let’s call us the little gang. (long story)

During the first week of 7th grade we got to know about each other, our likes, our dislikes, our weird habits.

Russal used to beg for food, armaan would sometimes try to eat his shirt collar, and I would get red in the face whenever I talked to a new person.

We spent our days playing tds and song atlas, and were joined by another boy named ranjeet, but he wasn’t as weird as we were so he’s not important.

During class we would have fun irritating each other and didn’t pay attention to the syllabus. As a result, our grades suffered.

I used to bunk lessons with armaan, while Russal being the good boy used to study. As a result our grades suffered.

Most of the teachers did not like us and considered us problem cases. As a result our grades suffered.

After so much suffering, it’s a wonder we passed ( I failed in french). Our friendship however always stayed strong.

Arman was a friend who always had your back, no matter what the situation be. I still remember, when he bunked the hindi class to comfort me after I was bullied by a classmate.

Russal even though he was sometimes critical of me (all the time), taught me of the joy of laughter. I’ve never laughed more than when I’m with Russal, and even though we made fun of him and madeup fanfictions on his origin, he never took it to his heart.

They were and are my first friends and my best friends and I hope we continue to be this way.

We did it all,- bunking classes, singing songs in the library, opening our own origami stall. Hell I remember this one time when we created an up down stall… Pls don’t ask me what this is, else WordPress will terminate my account.

After 7th grade Arman left for Dubai and Russal made new friends,while I went back to being a loner……

But then armaan came back in 9th grade, and we were back to square 1

Our little gang expanded, and today we have about 6 members,while we continue to expand.

7th grade was the best year of my life, so thank you armaan and Russal for making it that way.

10th grade and 11th grade were awesome too but I’ll do a blog on them later🙄

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Armaan Asri
Armaan Asri

Veryyy Nice blog man….. and yeah we will stay frie Forever


You all remind me so much of my friends! Such crazy memories to cherish!😅

Russal Arya

Brooo… You should have written this earlier. It’s like retrieving old memories. (P.S. Armaan and I changed for the better, but you still get red)


I read his article… That haemoglobin rush was so funny!😅

Sanjay Mahajan
Sanjay Mahajan

Excellent blog. Relived my childhood. Well done!!


Supa blog


This is so amazing! All my memories are refreshed after this! I will surely make my friends read this…. This was so me!