My grandmother has started listening to some recordings of a guy called Ishan. He’s a part of an organization called shiv yog, that holds a gathering every Sunday, where spiritual speakers help you regain your peace of mind and guide you towards the greater purpose of life.

For people who cannot attend the gathering, free recordings are made available, to which you can listen to in the comfort of your home. One of these recordings is called – release the accumulation…

It’s a 20 minute recording, which aims to help you sleep peacefully at night. My grandmother is quite regular with it and listens to it twice a day.

Today when I came back from my maths tuition she was busy listening to this recording with her eyes closed, and I decided to join in.

Ishan starts, by telling you to be aware of yourself, and what you are composed of. He asks you to be grateful to your organs – your kidney, your liver, your heart. His voice adds emphasis and is beautiful to listen to.

He tells you that your body is the vessel of your soul, and you exist because of it. Be grateful to your body.

He then goes on to say that your body is a birth child of the earth, and will eventually return to it. Be grateful to the earth.

Next he says, that the earth itself is living its journey, through the universe, and is the child of the universe.

He says- you are the child of the universe, which is infinite. Since you are a child of the infinite you have infinite potential inside you. The only thing that stops you from releasing that potential is…..your imagination.

This is such a great thought! Even though you have heard stuff like this before, the the simplicity and conviction with which he says it, makes you believe in it.

He tells you to command your body to resonate with the godfrequency, and accept that you are child of this universe. All you need to do is accept. He assures you that tomorrow when you wake up, you shall be one with the universe and shall live a happy and successful life.

The funny thing is, the next day is no different. You don’t suddenly become happy and successful, and nothing changes, but you will still listen to the recording, because his words bring you peace,even if its only for a while.

My grandmother feels happy whenever she listens to the recording, and I believe that that’s what truly matters. If those 20 minutes everyday can help her be happy, then imagine the potential that your words hold for yourself and the people around you.

Your words can change someone’s life. It’s depends on you, whether for better or worse……

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I agree.Twenty minutes if used for a good thought process these are meanigful. These can add to our values.


Nice Bro!


Like the way you write!



luisa zambrotta

You are right. Even twenty minutes of happiness every day are a great gift