One of the strangest things that happens to us during our life’s and also one of the most beautiful one’s is love. It just happens without any trace or warning and stays with you forever.

Love is one of those things that you simply cannot put into words. It’s something, you need to have experienced to believe in. It’s magical and to be honest, it is much beyond me, so please try to bare.

I always thought that I knew what love was,I was pretty confident infact. When you grow up in India watching romantic movies, and singing their songs day and night with friends and family alike, you tend to think you know all about love,whereas that’s far from true. What you see in movies and even in real life for that matter, are just the different ways to express love. True love has a far deeper meaning which perhaps you could see if the victims of love understood it themselves. This i the point where all that you think you know about love is rendered useless.

I guess when people say that they can do anything for their loved ones, it’s true because you loose yourself in love. Infact from the moment you fall in love, your mind isn’t in control anymore as it’s your heart that’s pulling the reigns, and that my friend is a completely beautiful illogical and mesmerizing experience.

True Love doesn’t need to be reciprocated contrary to what most people believe. You could love someone your entire life without ever telling them, and you could still be happy because, when you start loving someone, you inadvertently store a part of them inside you. They are in your heart, wired into your internal configuration. They are in every dream of yours, every song that you listen to, every person you talk to, they are in everything you see.

Love hits you like a long island ice tea and it’s effects last forever even though you may think they are gone.

So wait for your time to get drunk in the flavors of love, and hopefully you shall enjoy the experience!

But then who am I to say……

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This was amazing, worth reading!❤💯