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Imagine the universe… A vast expanse filled with millions of galaxies, stars and solar systems, that are constantly dying and reforming. Now imagine a tiny little insignificant speck, almost invisible in comparison to these celestial giants. That’s you.

Some people believe that everything in life happens for a reason. However this idea was never intuitive to me.

Imagine a grain of sand telling another grain of sand, that everything happens for a reason. I take a handfull of sand and throw it in the air, where’s the reason? Just like a drop of water has no individual existence, we humans are also insignificant alone and Just like a drop of water evaporates, condensates and evaporates again, we humans live our lives, die and leave our successors to repeat the process. All the rules, fundamental rights, and governments that we have created our only till us.

The universe cannot be bound by them. The only ones we effect during the course of our life’s are other humans, just like a single drop of water exerts force on other water droplets. Indeed we have different journeys and experiences just like all particles of a rigid body have different velocities during rotation, but nevertheless that angle of 360 is completed by all of us as we go from childhood to old age. A circle is the perfect example. Every point on a circle has the potential of being the beginning or the end of the circle. It does not matter which point you choose, this dual nature will always exist. Similarly, the end of someone’s life and the sorrow associated with it is complemented by the happiness that new life brings.

At the end It does not matter how insignificant you are compared to others around you. All that matters is what you choose to make of your journey.

So drop that ego and try to be happy no matter where you are, or what you do, cause that’s what matters….

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Was hard to swallow but it’s so true. We live our lives as best we can not knowing it’s purpose. We try to leave our stamp on this world. But we forget simple things like happiness.
We are the architects of our actions. It is we who make shape our future.

Man looking forward more!



Zeba Juveriya

i really like your mentality towards everything which surround us!! 🙂