The person called me

I prefer being alone… Simply put. It’s a wonderful sort of feeling – being alone, but only if you choose to be that way. The truth is, it’s a busy world and sometimes I prefer the company of the wind and the trees over human beings.

Don’t get me wrong… Shit like this doesn’t work by just saying to yourself that you want to spend more of your time with nature than with gadgets. It’s not something you can suddenly change about yourself contrary to what most people believe.

There are some requirements…

For example, You need to be an introvert by heart. When you’re an introvert no body knows who you truly are, believe me no one, not even your dearest ones. In the early stages of your life you will not speak much, and then you gradually make friends, who you begin to talk to, and you start having fun. But you’re never your true self… You’re still conscious and always trying to fit in, it’s hard.

For me.. I’m never truly alone.

Introverts never feel lonely because they talk constantly continuously to themselves… Its like there’s another person inside me, who knows me, who comforts me, who loves me… Permanently. If this is getting too creepy for you, I’m sorry but it’s the truth. I do talk to myself and I can’t imagine life without it.

One advantage of being a messed up person like me is that you almost never have mood swings, not in teenage, not in adulthood, and the few times you do… You’re aware about them. You know yourself, and you accept yourself as you are at least when you’re alone. With other people however…. things get weird. Your body begins giving signs that tip people around you, for example your freaking face turning red… A lot of people who know me might understand this part😂

I get red in the face when I make a mistake…how ever small it might have been. I dropped my pen, I’m a tomato, someone stares at me too long, and I’m a tomato.

The worst part are the excuses…. I have actually told this to people, that the reason I get red is cause I have high haemoglobin levels…. 🤔😂

All this said and done, even though I sometimes prefer being alone, I could never imagine life without my friends who each have their own set of personal battles going on for them, but are still always there to have my back….

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I like alone sometimes, with people other times — best of all, I like having the ability to choose 🙂


Yeah… Alone can be fun! Thanks for your comment! 😀


Ha ha ha ha.. loved the high hemoglobin levels!!!


This is so cute! Life is so incomplete without those crazy friends who are there to back you in any situation!
😄 Friends are life…


Totally agree with u.. one is never lonely if it is by choice💐