I do not know what pulls me towards you

Maybe it’s the words, your silence utters

You say so much, in those breaths of yours..

I try to hear it , sitting beside you


Things went south so suddenly

a turn of fate, and here you came

this place that harbors, the hopes of people

who wish that you’d come home


You asked where I was that night

I’ll tell you- I wasn’t there

Your last words validated my soul

So the answer I’d like you to hear


The October flower blooms, and with it so do you

and I wait for you to tell me why..

you asked for me that night.

So that this dream that I’m living can finally come to end


But then again, a part of me

doesn’t want this dream to end

But then again, a part of me

want’s this to stay till end


These silent conversations, we have together

These staring competitions, we do

This strange connection we share between us

Of which the world is aloof


Your parents, they’re confused

Cause hope isn’t often rewarded

But I know you’ll turn around

Just like my cycle ,sometimes stuck


As I wait for the flowers to bloom once again

I foster a hope deep in my heart

That this time, you’ll tell me why..

and, we’ll sit back in the October sun, watching the flowers, and your dreams grow together…



This post is inspired by the movie October.. Please do watch it!


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Beutifuly described


wow nice !!!

D. Wallace Peach

Lovely poem


He!!! 😍😍😍
I’ve invited you for a tag! Hope you do so!